A crane healed a lump in my neck by pecking it out

The following is an account of the blessings of dynamic meditation during a Grand Cheonjae Chiseong in Taejeon. As Told By Ok-hee Song(67/F)
(Translated by Taeyeon Kim)

As soon as I started dynamic meditation, my hands got very hot. A lady in a jade-colored skirt, my mother presumably, appeared and raised my hands to get me to get up.

So, as I was practicing dynamic meditation, a big white crane suddenly flew to me and spread its wings, which were amazingly big. The crane pecked out a hard lump in my neck. The lump had started out small, but had grown bigger and bigger until it was the size of a chestnut, which had made me quite worried. I had had a similar experience recently. At the Taeeulgung Palace during the dynamic meditation during the last Grand Cheonjae, a crane came to me and pecked out my lump. Thanks to the crane, the chestnut-sized lump shrunk to the size of a bean.

Interestingly, the crane came to me again this time and pecked out the remaining lump and it immediately disappeared. It’s really magical and very mysterious. My second daughter who brought me to JeongSanDo had also been concerned about my lump, and is now very happy that it has healed. I guess it’s thanks to the Cheondosik that I offered last Chuseok (Korean harvest moon festival). I feel very comfortable and can now put my mind to rest. I really appreciate the blessing of healing from Sangjenim, Taemonim, Taesabunim, Sabunim, and my ancestors. Thanks!