We invite you to the traditional culture of Eastern meditation and to the essence of Eastern spirituality. Jeung San Do, the true Eastern Learning, is promoting the cultural movement to recover the lost history and culture of Korea which has lasted for 9,000 years.

Most people in the world do not know the original culture of Korea because the root history and culture of Korea has been destroyed and distorted by Japanese imperialists in 20th Century. So, most people misunderstand the Korean history and culture as the subculture of China.

Therefore, Jeung San Do is trying to recover the essence of Korean history and culture. It is because only the Jeung San Do has the master Key to reveal the ancient traditions of Korea and the archetypal culture of humanity. Jeung San Do plays a central role in introducing the original culture and spirituality of Korea to the world. It is also Jeung San Do, the True Eastern Learning that represents the traditional culture of Korea.

Jeung San Do continues to convey the teaching of the true Eastern Learning; the Great Dao of Jeung-san Sangjenim, who first opened the era of autumn civilization, to the world. Jeung San Do has been preparing for the great upheaval in the transition time of Later Heaven Gaebyeok due to the universal changes of cosmic order.

In the center of spiritual culture has been the culture of the Taeeulju Mantra. The Taeeulju Mantra is the essence of the self-healing and enlightenment culture and the idea of salvation that has lasted for 9,000 years in the Eastern historical culture.

You will have a great opportunity to know the true history and experience the traditional and archetypal culture of Korea in the Northeast Asia. We hope this learning becomes a precious opportunity, one that can renew and transform your life, through the gift of the 9,000 year culture of Eastern spirituality being presented by your friend, from the East.