We invite you to the traditional culture of Eastern meditation and to the essence of Eastern spirituality. Jeung San Do, the true Eastern Learning, is promoting the cultural movement to recover the lost history and culture of Korea which has lasted for 9,000 years.

Most people in the world do not know the original culture of Korea because the root history and culture of Korea has been destroyed and..

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Our journey of understanding humanity's past, our present, and our future begins with the precept of the cosmic year. Jeung San Do's cosmology recognizes that time is actually cyclical and that the universe evolves in accordance with a cycle analgous to earth's year: the cosmic year.
Each cosmic year encompasses 129,600 calendar years and contains four cosmic seasons.


Jeung San Do's main scripture has now been translated into English, Japanese, Chinese, German, French, Spanish, and Russian, to share the teachings of Sangjenim and Taemonim with all the peoples of the world.

The Three Gates of Enlightenment
The Teachings of Gyeong-Jeon Ahn Jongdosanim on Meditation.

STB World Youtube Channel
STB WORLD is a channel for international audiences provided by the Sangsaeng Television Broadcasting (STB).