Elimination of a uterus mass through the dynamic meditation of tapping the lower stomach

So-young Kim (35/F) / Changwon Myeongseo Dojang on October 14, 2015

I held the image of His Holiness the Jongdosanim in my mind as we began dynamic meditation while chanting jee-gee-geum-ji-wun-we-dae-gang along with Jongdosanim. Right when we started chanting the mantras I saw an orange-colored shape of a human. Then when we were doing the Taeulju Mantra dynamic meditation, a huge hole appeared in front of where Jongdosamin was sitting, and golden energy streamed out from it. Also, I was doing dynamic mediation with my face to the sky and the back of my head to the floor. Then an energy in the form of a golden fog on the floor spread wide and above my hips.

I never experienced anything big during dynamic meditation when I perform intensive meditation lazily. I think this experience was all because I diligently performed intensive meditation this time. Eight years prior to my marriage I was diagnosed with adenomyosis and found a mass in my uterus. I was told that when I give birth to a child after marriage there was a chance that I would recover, but by the time I had my 3rd child the lump in my uterus was still there. But recently I was at the hospital getting checked for cervical cancer by the OB/GY and I received the news that my adenomyosis was completely gone. During dynamic meditation I found myself frequently repeating motions as if hitting my lower stomach, and it seems like I did this to treat my adenomyosis. I’m just grateful for the healing I experienced through the dynamic meditation.

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