I gained peace after defeating evil qi under the protection of general spirits

The following is a practitioner’s account of experiences from the winter retreat for the new practitioners. As Told By Oh, Hyunsoo(54,M)
(Translated by Son, Gyeonghee and Patrocinio D. Rivera)

While meditating, I sensed that my body temperature dropped and felt chills due to the low temperature in the place where we were practicing. I didn’t have a spiritual experience during the first session of dynamic meditation, so I had to be content with warming up my body. During the second session, I felt heat and pain in my head at the same time.

Several strange objects came out of my spine very fast like flashes of lightning. Some of them stayed around me, hovering, and some glared at me. As I shivered, feeling terrified, I desperately turned my eyes in the direction of the sacred altar wishing for help.

At the corner of the sacred altar was a line of general spirits of great stature standing, looking at me and the others as if it was their duty to protect us. So, I could keep on meditating with calm mind.

As a Korean traditional dancer and choreographer, I didn’t feel tired in spite of taking part in this no-sleep intensive meditation for two consecutive days. I felt refreshed and my breathing had become stabilized. It couldn’t get any better.