Just then, I realized that this is dynamic meditation without intention

The following is an account of the blessings of dynamic meditation during a Chiseong on July 1st, 2015. As Told By Park, Sun-ok(65/F)
(Translated by Park, Joon-Seok and Stuart Smallwood)

Meditation at Singwan, Gongju Dojang was one of the best experiences I have ever had. I am really pleased to receive so much blessing from His Holiness the Jongdosanim.

I had been waving my arms intentionally at every dynamic meditation. But on that day, I felt a great qi coming down on me and my arms stated to move automatically by the guide of the wave of qi. I shook my whole body, my bottom heaving up and down, and my arms waving forcefully. I could not stop moving myself. Just then, I realized that this is what they call ‘to perform dynamic meditation without intention.’ Time flew away just in a second.

And a chronic pain on my shoulder had vanished. I had the pain for years so I was planning to see a doctor. During the dynamic meditation, the pain gathered up around the ear but soon it got away. From then on, I felt no pain.

Next morning, I found myself in good condition. Even now, I feel healthy, not going into the exhaustion stage. I am really thankful to His Holiness the Jongdosnami for the blessing.