All the aches and pains faded away

The following is an account of the blessings of dynamic meditation during a Chiseong on July 1st, 2015. As Told By Lee, Je-hui(65/F)
(Translated by Park, Joon-Seok and Stuart Smallwood)

Providing two days of service at a reception room, I really hoped to get the blessing of the dynamic meditation. When the dynamic meditation started, I was working at kitchen and couldn’t leave the place. So, I ended up practicing dynamic meditation in a nearby resident’s room.

I had been exhausted and was in poor shape. I was also suffering from a severe pain in my shoulder.

That is why I was eager to receive the blessing of dynamic meditation. As I began to perform dynamic meditation, I shook my body vigorously. Afer a while, I start to feel better. When I felt malicious qi coming out of my body, all the aches and pains faded away and my mind and body got fully recovered.

Even though I had to stay late that night to finish the remaining work, I didn’t feel exhausted and even some power welling up within me. I came to realize again that the blessing of dynamic meditation are infinite. I will devote myself to practicing meditation and dynamic meditation more sincerely from now on.