In the midst of dynamic meditation, My hands began to move as though beating a drum.

Bae Hyeon-u, Age 22, Daegu Daemyeong Dojang, Experienced in Oct 2010


I have rarely been enthusiastic about practicing dynamic meditation. Usually, I would just shake my body in imitation of the other people at my dojang.

But today, unlike before, I became excited at the sound of the drum, and it seemed as though my body were moving on its own to the drumbeat. After I practiced dynamic meditation in this way for a time, it seemed as though something pressed down on me from above, and I collapsed. I struggled to lift myself, but could not. Every time I tried to rise from the ground, I again fell down. During one such struggle to pull myself upright, I collapsed flat on my back. I did not feel any hot or cold energy.

In the midst of dynamic meditation, my hands began to move as though beating a drum, in rhythm with the music of the drum. It felt as though someone standing behind me were holding my hands and we were beating the drum together. It was such a wonderful feeling!

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