The European Hwandangogi Book Lecture Sep.20th 2014


It has already been 100 years since the original publication of Hwandangogi.  After Japanese colonial government confiscated and burned 200,000 volumes of Korean history books in its attempt to annex Korea, scholars, while risking their lives, felt a need to preserve Korean history and compiled a few remaining copies of Korean history books into one book and named it, “Hwandangogi.”  However, since all the original history books were burned, from the beginning, Hwandangogi has been very controversial.  For the past 30 years our guest speaker Ahn gyeong-jeon has been researching all history books of Korea, China and Japan.  He visited all relevant archaeological sites and conducted extensive field work.  He came to publish an annotated version of Hwandangogi where Hwandangogi is explained in detail, shown with photographs and proven through archaeological evidences.

In the pages of Hwandangogi, 9,000 year history of Hwanguk, Baedal and Ancient Joseon is finally being set straight and the record of the sovereign lineage of Korea succeeded by Bukbuyeo and Goguryeo is being revealed.

Please join us for the Hwandangogi book lecture featuring guest speaker Ahn Gyeong-jeon on September 20, Saturday, 2:30pm at Urania, Humboldt Hall, Berlin, Germany.  Within the past 50 year history of Korean German immigration, it is the first and only lecture that will help us find the origin of what it means to be Korean descendants in Germany.  It is the first and only lecture that reveals the meaning of European history within the context of 9,000 year history of Korea.

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