How did you even make it here, when you belong in a morgue?

The following is an account of the blessings of dynamic meditation experienced during a Chiseong on October, 2014. As Told By Yang-sun Sim (52/F)

Sim: I was in a car accident on July 17, leading to twelve weeks of hospital treatment. But I still haven’t fully recovered, so I returned to the hospital for additional treatments. I couldn’t come to Taeeulgung Palace yesterday, so I instead performed my dynamic meditation at the Eumseong Dojang. Before, I couldn’t even turn my head enough to look at a person immediately next to me, but yesterday, while I was practicing dynamic meditation, I noticed that I could now turn my head. Today, I was able to move it around even better than yesterday.

Jongdosanim: When was it that you were in the accident?

Sim: July 17. My car accident was prior to the Chiseong for Guiding the Ancestors to Dao on July 25.

Jongdosanim: How and where did the accident occur?

Sim: I run a restaurant. I got into the accident on the way back home from work that night, July 17. Strangely, I wasn’t feeling too well for a week prior to the accident. And as I was walking to my truck after work, the truck seemed oddly far away to me.

Jongdosanim: What seemed far away?

Sim: My truck. I don’t own a car, so I drive around in a one-ton truck. I always park it right near my work. But that night, my truck seemed strangely far away. I hadn’t felt very well since that morning, even after I performed an offering of cheongsu and chanted the Taeeulju Mantra.

But that didn’t stop me from driving. It was past ten o’clock in the evening, and the traffic lights had changed to blinkers. As I slowly passed through a four-way intersection, a car approaching from my left hit the side of my truck. The truck flipped over. Amazingly, I did not lose consciousness, even though a friend riding next to me was knocked out. I shook my friend to wake her up, fearing that she might be dead. The smell of gasoline scared me.

We went to the hospital in an ambulance and were x-rayed. At that time, they told me that there wasn’t anything wrong. That was a Saturday. But by Monday, my body started aching, and my neck and back were in so much pain that I couldn’t lift my head. At that time, I kept chanting the Taeeulju Mantra. After a thorough examination, the doctor informed me that I needed to be sent to Seoul as soon as possible. They couldn’t do anything more for me, and I needed to be transferred to a larger hospital. So, I rode the ambulance to Seoul Wurideul Hospital.

There, a doctor asked me, “How did you even make it here, when you belong in a morgue?” I didn’t understand him at first, because I was in so much pain, but he repeated himself, “How is it possible for you to be here, when you really belong in a morgue?” He declared that I should be a research subject on CSI. He went on to say that he could not believe what had happened. I needed surgery, but he asked me to undergo natural healing. He explained that he was interested in my situation, saying that it was not possible for me to be alive in my current condition, and that some part of my body should’ve been paralyzed or that I should be a vegetable. Yet, he declared that there was not a single thing wrong with me, which he found mysterious; and every time he visited me, he told me that people like me should be research subjects for a science research team. Whenever I told him I was experiencing a bit of pain, he tried to comfort me by saying such things.

I had my Jeung San Do University booklet on the table, and I had asked Kim Sang-sub Pogamnim to bring me a copy of the book Heaven and Earth’s Achievement of Their Purpose, and that’s when the doctor nodded as if to say that this was the reason that I was physically perfectly fine despite such a terrible accident.

So, I underwent twelve weeks of treatment, remaining in the hospital until I returned to Eumseong.

Jongdosanim: How many days were you hospitalized?

Sim: I was supposed to be treated for twelve weeks, so about three months. It was a bit more than three months.

Jongdosanim: When did you leave the hospital?

Sim: I was admitted to Seoul Wurideul Hospital on July 17, and I was transferred to Eumseong Seongmo Hospital on July 30. I was treated there until October 9, then went back to a private hospital, where I am presently in the process of receiving two weeks’ medical care as an inpatient. I had to lie to my doctor to come here.

Jongdosanim: Are you still an inpatient?

Sim: Yes. I’m still an inpatient.

Jongdosanim: So what are you going to do from now on?

Sim: Well. I feel completely healthy, as I speak here on this stage….

Jongdosanim: You look perfectly fine now. Who would recognize you as a sick person?

Sim: Up until only yesterday, I couldn’t see the person right next to me. I couldn’t even move my head. But just yesterday, while I was undergoing dynamic meditation, I kept on striking my head, and suddenly in an instant, my head pivoted around like a soccer ball. Since then, I’ve no longer had any problem moving my head.

Jongdosanim: How deeply were you into meditation when this occurred?

Sim: About ten minutes? Eight minutes? I think it was about that long. I kept hitting my head, and suddenly when I tried moving my head, my head could turn very easily. When you roll a ball, the ball spins, right? It was just like that. So without even thinking, I kept moving my head in that manner.

Jongdosanim: Did you try turning your head the other way?

Sim: Yes, I can move it the other direction, too. I was so amazed that I pivoted it this way and that; and after today’s meditation, it moves even more smoothly.
Before, I had a feeling as if the nerves of my ear were being pulled in opposite directions like a tautening rubber band, but I no longer feel that sensation. During my three months in the hospital, I never took painkillers or medication. The doctor thought I was doing so, but I actually didn’t take any of the medicine―instead, I just chanted the Taeeulju Mantra over and over.

Jongdosanim: Your dynamic meditation’s results were quite laudable―give her a round of applause, everyone. Those who practice with true passion will experience miracles.

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