I corrected my twisted spine by moving my body.

The following is an account of the blessings of dynamic meditation during His Holiness the Jongdosanim’s visit to Dojangs around the country.
As told by Park, Young-ji (44/F)

(translated by Taeyeon Kim and Stuart Smallwood)

When I entered the Myungseo Dojang and performed the bow four times, I suddenly coughed up a large amount of sputum.

While chanting Taeulju mantra quietly following His Holiness the Taesang Jongdosanim’s voice, hot tears gushed out from my eyes, though I did not feel sad. After that, pain disappeared completely from my eyes and they became comfortable.

Right after starting dynamic meditation while chanting “Jigi guemji wonwee daegang”, my arms were swinging and my body was straightened just like someone was pulling me upward. My body moved itself following the chanting voice of His Holiness the Jongdosanim and the beat of the drum. The qi was really powerful, exciting, and soft as well. The moment of dynamic meditation was full of joy and peace.

I was kneeling but almost dancing, shaking my whole body. I had an urge to stand up and hop around by the guidance of the qi but my sense of reason was struggling to suppress myself.

When I got a cramp in my thigh, it felt like my thigh was giving me a message like this. ‘Stand up or I will harm you.’ I said to my self ‘whatever you please’ and stood up and began to hop. As I let my body follow the rhythm of the Taeulju dynamic meditation, I felt my body shaking off bad things and correcting my back bone, straightening up the cervical spine and backbone where I had problems.

I felt guilty for receiving too many blessings compared to the amount of devotion and effort I made. My inner voice and ancestral spirits were demanding that I rescue people even in my dreams.

I really appreciate His Holiness the Jongdosanim’s visit all the way to Changwon and His Holiness the Jongdosanim’s thoughtful mind, love, and benevolence. I also would like to give my utmost appreciation and deep respect to His Holiness the Jongdosanim.

I will spread Sangjenim’s dao to rescue people by letting them experience the miracle of Taeulju dynamic meditation with heaven and earth’s power of creation-transformation. I will repay benevolence by accomplishing the heavenly mandate of the seven star-dosu. Boen!