Taesang Jongdosanim’s Teaching

Nature’s Principle of Birth, Growth, Harvest, and Rest I have proclaimed it over and over again: ‘All life on earth is born and dies based upon nature’s principle.’ Our practitioners in every region also convey this statement to society. The … Continue reading

The Taeeulju Mantra is a gift of salvation to all of humanity from Jeung-san Sangjenim, who revealed to us, “The world’s people shall be delivered by the Taeeulju Mantra”(Dojeon 8:56:6). The mantra remains central to Jeungs San Do’s meditation practice … Continue reading

the following is an excerpt of Taesang Jongdosanim’s lecture at Jeung San Do’s dojang(“dao center”) in Whitestone, New York on February 28,2003.    Heaven and Earth’s Dynamic of Change All existence in the universe arises and expires in accordance with … Continue reading