The Paradise of Immortality

Those who survive the time of gaebyeok (“renewal”) and pass into the era of the Later Heaven shall then build─and dwell within─a paradise of harmony, enlightenment, and ageless longevity. The coming world of the Later Heaven that awaits we who survive gaebyeok is known by many names: Paradise of Creative Change, Dragon Flower Paradise, world of the cosmic autumn, paradise on earth, the Paradise of Immortality.

Those select seeds of humanity to rise from the rubble of gaebyeok’s catastrophes willshed the outdated path of conflict and unite to create an ideal civilization of peace.Indeed, not only will the Paradise of Immortality never be marred by war, all relationships even at the personal level will be marked by the dao of sangsaeng (“mutual lifebettering” or “mutual life-saving”).

Living in harmony with one another, the people of the Later Heaven will create an ideal society that will be the zenith of human civilization, both technologically and spiritually. But it is in the realm of dao that the humanity of the future will experience its greatest transformation. Enlightenment will swiftly come to all people.

Our enlightenment will arise from our new unity with the spirits, for people will attain one mind and thus become one with the spirituality or divinity within themselves, achieving a perfect union with spirits. This union between spirits and humans will enable us to effect change on reality, heralding a world of creative change in which all things become possible. This harmonious union of spirits and humans will also allow us to effortlessly learn all we desire to know─to see into the past, present, and future; to peer deep into the earth and even high into the heavens; to understand the thoughts of all our fellow humans. This society will be a culture of mansaji (“all-knowing” or “omniscience”).

Such changes will inevitably and wonderfully remake us in both soul and body. Physical suffering will cease, we shall live for centuries, and our bodies shall become physically exalted. Humans will, in truth, become the most majestic beings of the universe, and thus this epoch will be known as “the Era of Humanity’s Nobility” (Dojeon 2:14:6).