The Taeeulju Mantra: Medicine of Life

Uitong, the only hope of delivering humankind at the time of the Autumn Gaebyeok, is based on a gift of salvation given by Sangjenim to humanity. This divine gift is the Taeeulju Mantra (태을주 太乙呪):

Hum-chi Hum-chi Tae-eul-cheon Sang-won-gun
Hum-ri-chi-ya-do-rae Hum-ri-ham-ri-sa-pa-ha

Sangjenim Himself brought the Taeeulju Mantra to completion, combining all energies of life and healing into the Taeeulju Mantra to make it the ultimate medicine, able to heal the mind, body, and spirit. The Taeeulju Mantra, employed via uitong, will constitute the only dao of deliverance for humanity at the time of the Autumn Gaebyeok’s mysterious disease.

The Taeeulju Mantra is a prayer to heaven and earth, the mantra that shall save people throughout the world at the time of gaebyeok. When the catastrophic disease strikes, chant the mantra constantly to save multitudes. (Taemonim, Dojeon 11:240:11-12)