The Work of Renewing Heaven and Earth:

To truly understand Jeung-san Sangjenim, the earthly incarnation of God the Ruler of the Universe, we must understand His mission here on earth. As we have seen, history has been dominated by the Early Heaven’s reign of sanggeuk (“mutual conflict” or “mutual restraint”) and this ubiquitous conflict generated bitterness and grief in both spirits and humans, which in turn festered into a sickness that threatened to destroy heaven and earth on the eve of the Later Heaven. Since Sangjenim, God the Ruler, subsequently descended to earth on a mission of healing, He incarnated as a mortal healer, as He expressed to one of His disciples: “I am one who heals” (Dojeon 3:125:14).

In addition to healing the diseased realms of humanity and spirits, Sangjenim incarnated into this world to lay the roundwork for humanity’s safe passage through the coming tribulations of the Autumn Gaebyeok so that we could not only survive, but also subsequently raise up the Paradise of Immortality. Sangjenim undertook these three illustrious aims-the healing of the diseased world, the providing of the means of surviving gaebyeok, the founding of the Paradise of mmortality-through a grand holy labor: Cheonjigongsa (“the working of renewing heaven and earth”).

Cheonjigongsa was both the gift of God to all of humanity and the lifelabor of God’s mortal incarnation, Jeung-san Sangjenim. The precepts that Sangjenim used to heal and renew the entire world─seeking out and returning to the origin; requital of benevolence; resolution of bitterness and grief; sangsaeng (“mutual live-bettering” or “mutual life-saving”)─are also precepts that we mortals should apply to our own individual lives for our healing and renewal.