The Autumn Gaebyeok

All of us (both humanity and the spirits around us) have now arrived at the end of cosmic summer’s long season of growth and stand poised at the start of cosmic autumn’s time of harvest: the Autumn Gaebyeok. The Autumn Gaebyeok (aka the Later Heaven Gaebyeok, or simply gaebyeok) is Jeung San Do’s central teaching.

Heaven and earth now stand upon the cusp of the Autumn Gaebyeok, and this gaebyeok is the most pivotal time of the cosmic year: the time when nature’s order brings fruition to all matters. Thus, the impending Autumn Gaebyeok is that very time of glorious renewal for which humankind and spiritkind have so long yearned. Yet, the Autumn Gaebyeok is also the time when cataclysmic change will sweep across the world: natural disasters will strike the world, and the lethal qi of all the unresolved bitterness and grief in the human and spirit worlds will cause a great war and a mysterious disease that will nearly completely obliterate humanity.

Aware that these convulsions threatened the extinction of humanity, a delegation comprised of the spirits of all sages, buddhas, and bodhisattvas approached Sangjenim in heaven and entreated Him to provide a means of preserving humanity at the impending time of the Autumn Gaebyeok. In response to their pleas, Sangjenim mercifully came to this world to guide humanity.