Birth of the True Eastern Learning

And finally, Sangjenim, who passed down the teachings of the Eastern Learning to Choe Su-un, incarnated as a human being in 1871. With the incarnation of Sangjenim, the True Eastern Learning, Jeung San Do, came in to life.

Sangjenim carried out an unparalleled work of saving humanity by reforming the human world and the spiritual realm, rectified the order of heaven and earth, and transformed the order of mutual conflict and domination into one of mutual life-giving and life-saving.

From 1901 to 1909, Sangjenim conducted this vast work to lay the groundwork for the Later Heaven’s fifty-thousand-year world in which humanity will live as one family of brothers and sisters under the order of Sangsaeng (相生), mutual life-giving and life-saving.

The conclusion is that the Taeeulju Mantra, the most divine and crucial mantra to overcome the Gaebyeok of Cosmic Autumn, was completed by the Father in Heaven Himself when he came to earth as a human.

Before His ascension, Jeung-san Sangjenim conferred upon a woman, Taemonim, the Dao lineage and authority. This was an unprecedented historical event in the Early Heaven’s culture. It was Sangjenim’s proclamation of a new order in which the vertical relationship of the sky and land in the Early Heaven would be changed as one of a parallel relationship in the Later Heaven with the dogma of yin and yang. She then founded the first movement to spread Sangjenim’s dao.