Spirits searching for their descendants

The following are first-hand accounts of those who have experienced the blessings of dynamic meditation during His Holiness the Jongdosanim’s visits to Dojangs around the country. As Told by Gwon Hyeseong (F/50)
(Translated by Yun Sukhyun, Son Gyeonhue, Stuart Smallwood)

I experienced this blessing during my 4 days of intensive meditation at the Taeeulgung palace in January with Jeung San Do’s staffs from all over the country. After offering the opening chiseong, I felt the qi of fire entering my dantian chakra as I was meditating through the Unjangju Mantra. As warm qi spread all throughout my body, it became as hot as a smelting furnace. I kept on meditating with that energy. Recently, I’ve had a pain in my back, neck and my shoulder caused by muscle contractions due to the cold weather. But, on the second day of dynamic meditation, the muscle contractions disappeared as if they had never even occurred, leaving no pain in my body.

On the third day of dynamic meditation, while chanting the Taeeulju Mantra with our group, my spiritual eye opened and I saw Sangjenim standing in the Jade palace in Heaven. Though I could not see Sangjenim’s face properly, I saw spirits of great stature on both sides of Sangjenim, greeting people. In front of me, there were thousands of practitioners walking in a long line to show their respect to Sangjenim. I was following them as well. Meanwhile, I saw spirits there searching for their descendants. Some were joyfully waving at their descendants while others just stood there without showing any emotion. I also searched for my ancestors, and ended up finding my mother and father. My mother was wearing a pink jacket. I knew she was watching me, but before I could make eye contact with her, the meditation ended.

Sangjenim once said, “Overcome the demon of sleep by meditating for twenty-one days without sleeping.” However, I could not help myself from dozing off for a while. After the session, my mind became crystal clear and I felt light as a feather. I am sure that if I devote myself to 21 days of intensive meditation instead of just 5 days, I can receive more energy.

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