I Am Happy to Study Sangjenim’s Dao

Shirley Tangcangco, Initiated in March 2010 


 Let me first introduce myself. I am Shirley Tangcangco from the Philippines. I am 30 years of age. I am married and I have a daughter. Her name is Trisha.
 In my childhood (during primary 4th or 5th grade), I really loved to talk about God with church people. We were very happy to study the Bible. I went to a Catholic church every Sunday. Some friends laughed at me because I was so serious about religion.

 After secondary school, I worked until I married my husband at the age of 24. We lived with my mother-in-law and sister-in-law. We had no problems. But we decided that I would go abroad to make more money for my daughter’s future. So now, I am here in Hong Kong as a domestic helper.
 I was introduced to Jeung San Do through Madam Cho on May 10, 2009.
 I pre-initiated into Jeung San Do at that time. After then, for one year, I learned many things that I did not know before.
 I learned who I am, why I am here, how important I am, the relationship between my ancestors and myself, and the relationship between myself and my descendants.

 When I wanted to be a pre-initiate, my friend urged me to go to church and be baptized. I was really confused at that time. I was not sure what the true way was for me. At that night, I prayed to God, asking Him to show me the best path that I needed to follow. I was greatly surprised because Sangjenim appeared in my dream, and He smiled at me.
 So I called my friend to say that I did not need to be baptized. I was happy to study with one mind Sangjenim’s great dao. Now I know more about the inner aspect of the teachings.

 I meditate the Taeeulju Mantra that Sangjenim gave to humanity by coming into this world to save humanity. I always chant it because it helps me a lot. All my wish comes true. I feel so much secure.
 When I roll the mantra in my mouth, I am really thankful for this mantra. My husband already knows the mantra, because he played the cassette tape of the Taeeulju Mantra.

 He told me that after he listened to the tape, he won the lottery game in the Philippines. He was very happy. This experience made me so peaceful.
 I’m happy to continue my study of Jeung San Do. I have read a book on the cosmic autumn. Just as the earth year exists, the cosmic year exists. I now understand that Sangjenim wants the best for us.

 One more thing that surprised me was the verse:
 I sent Confucius, Shakyamuni, and Jesus to the world to serve in My work. (Sangjenim, Dojeon 2:43:6)
 So this means that Jeung San Do is the universal teaching that can embrace all the religious teachings.

 Now I know that our ancestors are very important to us. They are our roots in life. They help me to find this path. My father who had passed away appeared in my dream two times. One time, he was covered in blood. He was very sad. So I asked about this with Madam Cho.
 She suggested to me to do prayers for him. Later, on May 10, 2009, I became a pre-initiate of Jeung San Do. That date was my father’s death anniversary.
 So we prayed sincerely, chanting mantras. After that, I did not have any dreams about him. From then to now, I felt really happy because I felt that he was at peace now.

 Through Sangjenim’s grace, I can continue my study of Jeung San Do with Madam Cho and some of my friends. I want to gain more knowledge about Sangjenim, so that I can spread His teachings to my family, friends, and the people that I meet.
 This coming August, I will take my vacation in the Philippines, so I hope and pray that my daughter and my husband will understand the teachings, through the guidance of Sangjenim, the Ruler of the Universe, and Taemonim, the Mother of All Life.
 I want my daughter and my husband to be faithful practitioners of Jeung San Do. I will be happy to continue studying Jeung San Do with my family.