Entering into a world of Dao

Byeong Joe Cheh,Los Angeles Dojang, Initiated in February 2008

 A few years ago, on one hot summer day, I went to a Korean business festival in Los Angeles known as a jangteo ( “marketplace”) to see one of my business friends who was exhibiting their products.

I was arrested by the sight of the word dao on a placard, and somehow, my eyes were fixated on the word“ renewal” or gaebyeok. I decided to get more information from the booth, and I told my wife and her sister that I would catch up with them later.

I met Kyung Hee Lee Pojeongnim (Dojang Senior Teacher) who gave me some literature and explained the basic philosophy of Jeung San Do. After a week or so, I went to see him at the dojang ( “dao center”) in Los Angeles for more information, but I was more interested in learning about dao philosophy than anything else.

Having years of exposure to Christianity, Buddhism, Bahai, and Hinduism, I considered myself accepting of most religions, yet no particular religion completely satisfied my desire to learn about the truth of life ─ particularly since most religions reject other religions without reason or explanation.

Somehow, I always thought that there must be a philosophy or teaching that would explain the principles of cosmic and world order. Each of life’s worldly matters is influenced and driven by an underlying almighty, powerful force. By studying dao principles, I began to understand the puzzles of life step by step. The theory and principle of the cosmic order is created by the principle of change, or I Ching, an eternal cycle of birth, growth, harvest, and rest. Prior to my study of dao, I only vaguely understood the theory of “life after death”, but I now understand how life repeats itself.

I am fully convinced that my life has changed after reading the Dojeon ( “The Holy Scriptures of Dao”). Like anyone else, I have experienced many ups and downs in my life. However, I feel that I am particularly blessed because I have entered the world of dao.

I am now 68 years old and realize that I am not able to keep up with the passion of younger generations. However, I will continue to try my best to learn more, practice, and teach others in my quest to learn more about the truth of dao.

I thank Jeung-san Sangjenim, Taemo Go Subunim, Taesang Jongdosanim, Jongdosanim. I thank, as well, all my fellow members under the guidance of Jeong Suhosanim (Head Teacher) at the Los Angeles Dojang, who have had a hand in leading me to the world of dao.