Jeung San Do removed all my doubts

Jerry Morgan, New York Dojang in U.S.A, Initiated in February, 2005


    I am from Guyana. It is located in South America. I grew up in a large family. I have five brothers and three sisters. I grew up in a household of strong Hindu and Christian faith. I was very religious from childhood. Yet, at the same time, I was very confused as to which faith I wanted to follow. Then, by age sixteen, I began to realize that all religions were essentially the same. I started to have doubts about religions. I began to realize that religions caused bloodshed and famine in human history.

 I and my friends from all walks of life frequently talked about religions and how oppressive they were. Whenever we met or gathered, we discussed religions and how philosophy influenced that.

 I began to develop my own philosophy that was universal in nature. I focused my life around my newfound philosophy. Naturally, I changed my lifestyle according to my philosophy.

 First I became a vegetarian, and I am still a vegetarian to this date. I became more spiritual and started to look inward for the answers to the ills of our world. In my philosophy, I considered all of humanity to be my brothers and sisters.

 I knew for me to excel in this lifestyle, I would need the teachings from experienced people. Eventually, I immigrated to the United States of America. After coming here, I wanted to go somewhere else like the Himalayas so that I could mingle with, and learn from, spiritual people. Unfortunately, I did not get to leave America.

 My quest for spiritual learning wandered without direction, then I got into a car accident by fate, I would have to say. I met Ms. Unsook Park in the clinic while she was treating me. We talked, and she enlightened me about the spiritual teaching which was her religion, Jeung San Do.

 I listened attentively, and I became curious about her religion, especially about Taeeulju Mantra meditation. At that time, all I wanted to learn about was meditation. So I visited the New York Dojang. I started to participate in the rituals because I believed my philosophy was based on the same principle as the philosophy of Jeung San Do. Now, I am about to become a member and I am preparing for the initiation.

 In Jeung San Do, many things impressed me deeply. Among them, Taeeulju Mantra meditation impressed me the most. Taeeulju Mantra meditation was very peaceful and it enriched my entire being. All negative thoughts disappeared. Lurking demons time and again hindered me in my pursuit of meditation, but I learned that this was part of the process of my pursuit of dao a test of my capacity.

 Moreover, when I learned about Sangjenim, who is the Ruling God of the Universe, and the fact that it was Sangjenim who sent Jesus, Confucius, and Buddha to edify the world at the time of cosmic summer, it removed all my doubts about the established religions’ conceptions of God.

 Looking back on my journey for the truth, now I realize I have found the truth which embraces all my philosophies and all my questions about life. From now on, I will be a faithful practitioner of Jeung San Do. I am just a beginner. However, by virtue of what I have learned through the eight teachings, I feel enlightened already. During my study of the eight teachings of Jeung San Do, a fundamental shift in my life took place.

 I had not communicated with my mother for a very long time. However, Taesabunim taught me that my mother is my god. He taught me that I am the fruit of my ancestry. I am becoming a member of Jeung San Do through the virtues of my ancestors. I am coming into fruition with the Taeeulju Mantra through the virtues of my ancestors.

  I realized that it was wrong to remain distant from my mother. Then, one day, Unsook asked me to go visit my mother. It was a very emotional and enlightening moment for me to see my mother after all those years. Now we became like a true family. Just the other day, for the first time in her life, she came to see me in my work place.

 I will practice Sangjenim’s teachings in my daily life. My ultimate goal is to enrich my brothers and sisters on earth with the teachings of Jeung-san Sangjenim. I will save as many lives as I can from the catastrophic disaster of the Autumn Gaebyeok, becoming a guide to lead humanity across the bridge called Jeung San Do and lead humanity away from the principle of mutual conflict to the principle of mutual life-giving.

 I thank my parents and Unsook for giving me this opportunity to serve the Lords of Heaven and Earth, Jeung-san Sangjenim and Taemonim, and to serve the Lords of humanity, Taesabunim and Sabunim. With them as my Lords, I will bring healing to all those in grief and bring salvation to all those in need at the time of the Later Heaven.