The Three Gates of Enlightenment


· Contents ·

– Chapter 1
The Origin of Meditation: The Hongshan Culture

Chapter 2
The First Gate to Enlightenment:
The Culture of the Seven Stars

Chapter 3
The Second Gate to Enlightenment:
The Culture of Tae-il, The Ultimate One

Chapter 4
The Third Gate to Enlightenment:
The Rise of the Eastern Learning Movement and
the Coming of the Cosmic Autumn

Chapter 5
Awakening the Three Elixir Fields of Life Through the Reverse Method

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In October of 2016, His Holiness the Jongdosanim gave a discourse on enlightenment at the Times Center of New York City where he presented a vision for the world to cure our ills, to heal each other, and to open up an enlightened world of brilliant radiance. That lecture is the basis of this book, which is the first book in English that he is sharing with the world. In reading this book, it will become very clear that His Holiness is awakened to the life of the Universe and is awakening us to be one with the life of the Universe.

His Holiness the Jongdosanim established the Jeung San Do movement in 1974. In 1977 he experienced the great spirituality of the renewal of Heaven, Earth, and Humanity. He authored numerous books during the tumultuous times of the 1980s, including The Truth of Jeung San Do (1981) and This is GaeByeok (1982). Through his writings and teachings, he presented a vision to the youth of Korea for the way to lead a life of mutual life-bettering and life-saving. Now that those youths have grown up and are leading the nation, his teachings serve as the mantras that guide politics and economics in Korea. Dynamics of present day Korea cannot be understood properly without understanding his teachings to the youth of Korea during 1980s and this book present his philosophy in the most succinct way in English.

In 1992, Jongdosanim first published The Jeung San Do DoJeon. With this book he awakened Korea to the spirituality that was lost during Japanese colonial times. In this way he was able to finally restore the lost identity of the Korean people. The Korean songs and dramas that are sweeping the world today owe much debt to His Holiness the Jongdosanim for restoring the lost Korean identity. During the early 2000s, Jongdosanim founded the SangSaeng Research Institute and the STB Broadcasting Company to present the vision of mutual life-bettering and life-saving to the world. In 2010 he published the translation of Hwandangogi, a book about the ancient history of Korea that the Japanese attempted to destroy during the colonial era. During that time the Japanese rewrote Korean history to justify their occupation. They burned more than 200,000 volumes of Korean history books and then rewrote the history of Korea with the message that Korea began as a colony of China and Japan. With the publication of Hwandangogi, the lost history was revealed to the world, and Korea was finally restored in its rightful place in history. Since 2010, Jongdosanim has been traveling the world giving lectures on the lost spiritual and meditation teachings of Korea. Today he runs Jeung San Do centers around the world. These centers teach meditation and ways of life that heal people and the world.

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