Chanting the Taeeulju Mantra 10,000 times a day cured all my illnesses

The following is an account of the blessings of dynamic meditation experienced during a Chiseong in Cheonan on August 20, 2015. As told by Seong-ho Yu (Age 79)
(Translated by Marshal Yun, Maila Flurey and Stuart Smallwood)

I devoted my life to the Christian church for forty-five years until I became an elder.
One day, I happened to encounter a book in the library called “This is Gaebyeok.” At that time, I had a lot of doubts about my religion so I visited the Dojang and I was then initiated in 2010. Today, I want to share with you the good news about what I experienced after Cheondosik.

Since my wife has always been a devout Christian, we had some financial difficulties. To earn a living, I taught violin lessons at the children center for five years. That way, I managed to save some money in my savings account. In July, I conducted a Chiseong to guide my ancestors to the Dao.
I was waiting for an answer from my ancestors. Three days later, the answer came to me while I was sleeping. In my dream, I heard a mysterious voice said, “I am sending you a message. You are very welcome.” Then I saw a piece of paper which read, “a hearty welcome.”

Now, let me talk about the miracles I experienced and how I cured my illnesses by chanting Taeeulju Mantra.

When my mother was pregnant with me, she thought she was giving birth to a girl so she took an abortifacient to terminate her pregnancy. The drug had lethal effects on her body that I ended up in ICU and I nearly died in the process. As I grew up, I suffered from pernicious anemia. I always faint whenever I am studying in school or playing with my friends, even when I am eating my meals. All through my life, I suffered from muscle strains and hemorrhoids. As I grew older, I had to take an anti-hypertensive drug because of high blood pressure.

When I was initiated into Jeung San Do on May 2010, I chanted the Taeeulju Mantra three thousand times a day. From the beginning, the doctors told me that I will be on anti-hypertensive drugs for the rest of my life, but since my blood pressure became normal, I stopped taking my medicine. I increased the number of times that I chanted the mantra to six thousand times a day and my pelvic joints went away. Recently, I chanted ten thousand times a day and a miracle happened. The muscle pains and hemorrhoids which haunted me all my life disappeared.

As a saying goes in the Dojeon, “The Taeeulju Mantra vanquishes all illnesses.”
Since I was cured by the miracle of the Taeeulju Mantra, I will now devote myself on chanting the mantra for the entire day.