I have been suffering from severe rheumatic arthritis

The following is an account of the blessings of dynamic meditation experienced during a Chiseong in the Mokpo region of Jonnam Province on June 21th, 2015. As Told By As told by An-suk Jo 56/F
(Translated by Junseok Park and Stuart Smallwood)


I have been suffering from severe rheumatic arthritis. My toes are all out of joint and deformed.

While I was in meditation, the spirit of His Holiness the Jongdosanim appeared before me. I saw Him with a halo of three colors : red, blue and yellow. A few minutes later, the color of the halo slowly turned white.

He told me that He knew I was having trouble attending the Dojang to offer pure water. Then, He pulled a strand of white string out from the tip of my middle finger and said that He would take it and throw it away so that I would not have the pain any longer.
After that, it hurt a lot. But suddenly a white energy came through my finger and eased the suffering and I felt the blazing hot energy cascade onto my left hand.

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