All the pain in my legs and feet caused by diabetes was gone

The following is an account of the blessings of dynamic meditation experienced during a Chiseong in the Chung-ju region of Kang-won province, on July 12, 2015. As Told By Jong-seon Lee (55/F) (Translated by Hyewon Jo and Stuart Smallwood)

I had a few minor experiences while meditating, but today’s healing experience was a first time thing. I have been suffering from diabetes for a long time, so I have always tried to take care of my health. But recently, I had been doing a lot of walking during work and I had massive pain in my legs. Especially from 10 days ago, my legs were all swollen and my feet were hurting. I couldn’t even walk because of the pain.

I hesitated about going to the Dojang that day as well, when practitioner Seo Chang Woong called me and told me to go to the Dojang with him. So I barely made myself go to Dojang with him.

As Sabunim delivered dynamic meditation for us, I tried to empty my mind. As the second dynamic meditation started, I chanted along the mantras, then suddenly my mother who passed away years ago appeared. She told me, “I will heal your illnesses,” in a soft voice and disappeared. As soon as she vanished with her words, my hands were filled with the warmth of hot fire qi.

I rubbed my painful legs with my burning hands all through the dynamic meditation until it ended. When it was over, amazingly, my painful feet were not in pain anymore. All the pains in my legs and feet were gone.

A few days later, I went to the hospital and did the diabetes mellitus test, and found out that my diabetes level decreased significantly, almost close to the normal range. I was very pleased. I would like to show my gratitude to His Holiness the Jongdosanim, who delivered the blessing of dynamic meditation, and I promise I will practice the dao with a heart of requital of benevolence.

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