I made up my mind to stay alert without settling for the status quo.

The following are first-hand accounts of those who have experienced the blessings of dynamic meditation during His Holiness the Jongdosanim’s visits to Dojangs around the country. As Told by Kim, Seongdeok(M/28)
(Translated by Yun Sukhyun, Son Gyeonhue, Stuart Smallwood)

I attended the no-sleep, four-day intensive meditation after the all-staff meeting report held in January. At the very beginning of meditation on the first day of the session, the idea that number 16 was going to change into the number 17 came across my mind. Through this change, I suddenly made up my mind to become a frank and open person. My breaths became deeper as I advanced in my mantra meditation. By taking comfort in the word of others that the first day is the hardest of all, I tried my best to focus on mantra meditation.

On the second day, straightening my back and puffing out my chest out, I tried to maintain my body’s balance as the day before and focus on meditation. In spite of having pins and needles on my legs due to the long hours of sitting meditation, I tried not to change my posture and focused on the sound of my mantra meditation. I felt refreshed when I sensed the vibrations in my internal organs.

On the third day of meditation, my mind became clear despite not having slept at all. I also experienced a deep resonant voice coming out from me, which had been unusual to me back then. And, finally, at all-night meditation, I had a vision. I saw indigenous people in a shack. Suddenly, a girl came out from amongst them with a spear in her hand. She was really scary. Her mouth covered half of her face and she was smiling. After that, I didn’t see anything but her grotesque figure, which gave me the chills.

On the forth day of my meditation, I rose up spontaneously just as I was dozing off. In my dreams, I saw Suhosa Kim, who had been away from the meditation for a while, wearing a field cap and leaving the Taeeulgung Palace. Through this opportunity, I came to realize that laziness in my daily life has been the biggest obstacle in my meditation. I made up my mind to stay alert without settling for the status quo.

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