When did Jeung San Do come to be?

Jeung-san Sangjenim spread His teachings during His labor of renewing heaven and earth, between 1901 and His ascension to heaven in 1909. The organized movement to disseminate Jeung-san Sangjenim’s teachings began with the efforts of the successor to His dao lineage, Taemonim, in 1911. The second movement began in 1945 under Ahn Un-san Taesang Jongdosanim. However, with the outbreak of the Korean War in 1950, the Taesang Jongdosanim temporarily disbanded the movement. The modern spiritual movement of Jeung San Do was incepted in 1974 by both Ahn Un-san Taesang Jongdosanim and Ahn Gyeong-jeon Jongdosanim to spread the teachings of Sangjenim and Taemonim within Korea and around the globe.