I made a strong determination to the Work of Heaven and Earth through accumulating the essence

The following is an account of the blessings of dynamic meditation from a 4-day vigil of intensive meditation held in the Taeeulgung Palace.
As Told By Hyun, Geumsang(52,M)

(Translated by Son, Gyeonghee and Patrocinio D. Rivera)

During the group mantra chanting at the Opening Chiseong, I felt a bright energy gathering around us and sensed a brilliant light coming into my brow chakra, passing through a pathway from deep in the cosmos.

On the second day of meditation, the stagnant qi in my liver which had hindered my meditation the previous day was completely withdrawn, making me feel comfortable and more able to concentrate on my meditation. I coughed up a large amount of phlegm and had a slight shooting pain as bunches of stagnant qi burst out through the sole of my feet. Despite not having applied any lotion on my skin that morning, my face turned into a brighter complexion with a healthy gloss, which convinced me that I had made some progress in my meditation and had accumulated the essence in my body.

On the third day, I was expecting it to be more difficult to carry out my meditation but, I had been wrong. A bright qi, entering my body and removing congestion in a number of meridian points throughout my body, enabled me to better receive more qi. In the evening meditation session, there seemed to be a lot more beneficial qi that I could invoke. My worries disappeared and my mind brightened thanks to the stored qi coming up. I also realized myself became more unreserved.

On the morning of the fourth day, I started meditating, despite feeling tired. As the meditation went on, I felt massive qi combining intensively around my crown chakra and my third-eye chakra. I came to think that the qi that I had received during the sessions had densely accumulated and settled down completely. I was able to discipline myself with the bright and powerful qi bestowed upon me during this four-day intensive meditation. Through this experience, I not only became awakened to my responsibility for the Work of Heaven and Earth, but also rebuilt my confidence and will.