My heart’s wounds heal under the watch of the guardian spirit of Dynamic Meditation

The following is an account of the blessings of dynamic meditation from a 4-day vigil of intensive meditation held in the Taeeulgung Palace.
As Told By Lee, Yeonghoon(33,M)

(Translated by Son, Gyeonghee and Patrocinio D. Rivera)

During meditation, I had flashbacks of being hurt in human relationships. I thought I had fully overcome them, but there still seemed to be hard feelings harbored in my mind.

So, I chanted heart-healing mantras with my hands placed on my chest. I continued patting my chest during the dynamic meditation. During the meditation session carried out from 11 p.m. to 5 a.m., I felt a pillar of qi penetrating through my head from the crown chakra on the top of my head. Blockages in acupuncture points in the back of my head were cleared and then the itch of hundreds of tiny crawling ants came over my face.

At some point of the meditation, my vision widened brightly and a screen unfolded before my eyes. At first, the screen appeared small with a glimmering light around it. But as I concentrated more and more on the chanting, it became bigger and brighter.

During the dynamic meditation of the morning Chiseong, I felt someone of great stature standing behind me. I looked back only to find nobody there. I closed my eyes again to resume my meditation, but the feeling didn’t go away. That someone might have been a guardian spirit of Dynamic Meditation, judging from his height and physique.