What Is the Genuine Achievement Celebrated by Both Humanity and Heaven and Earth?

Confronted with such enormous disasters, what can humans accomplish even if they do become masters of their own destiny and brave a path through these calamities?

If you focus solely upon humanity’s present predicament—upon the approaching problems—you may become pessimistic. However, the proclamation of the Era of Humanity’s Nobility, the declaration that humans should become masters of their own destiny to surmount all obstacles, is actually an optimistic statement full of hope.

Sangjenim declared, “Now is the age of heaven and earth’s achievement of their purpose” [Dojeon 2:29:4]. What did He mean by this? His declaration signifies that even if humans become masters of their own destiny and conquer the coming difficulties, it will also be an age when humans must achieve the purposes of heaven and earth—humans must do so to attain a genuine achievement. People generally always seek happiness and a genuine achievement that can endure for ages. However, wealth, fame, and similar goals are not genuine achievements. Sangjenim’s cited proclamation is His definition of what constitutes a genuine achievement. Since Sangjenim is the Ruler of the Universe, He judges all achievements attained within the order of heaven and earth, or within the progression of heaven and earth’s history. In other words, heaven confers its seal of approval upon a person, recognizing them as an achiever of heaven and earth’s purpose, and that person is henceforth recognized as such.

What, then, is the meaning of “heaven and earth’s achievement of their purpose”? It does not signify a single human attaining an achievement at home, in society, or in their country; rather, it signifies an achievement attained in tandem with heaven and earth. This is a genuine achievement. In other words, this is an achievement that “attains heaven and earth’s purpose.” But what does “attaining heaven and earth’s purpose” mean? The phrase signifies that humans become masters of their own destiny at this time of the transition from cosmic summer to autumn, proclaim autumn’s culture, and take part in the harvesting of humans by heaven and earth. In the midst of the innumerable disasters and mountains of problems that will come upon us, those who dedicate themselves to the work of spreading Jeung San Do’s teachings and of saving many people will attain a genuine achievement. This is the very thing that humans living in this era should accomplish as masters of their own destiny.

Gim Yeong-hyeon is a freelance journalist who has contributed to leading daily, weekly and monthly newspapers and journals in South Korea.