The Timing of Gaebyeok Is Signaled by the Abnormal Phenomena Afflicting the World

As a person who knows little about Jeung San Do, I would like to ask you directly: exactly when will gaebyeok take place?

When will gaebyeok occur? I am certain that the answer to this question is one which people would most dearly like to know. In fact, when I give lectures on gaebyeok to the general public, many people openly ask me when gaebyeok will occur. Yearning to discover the timing of gaebyeok—this is probably mere human nature. Before I explain when gaebyeok shall take place, I must first begin with the question of when the cosmic autumn started.

Sangjenim incarnated into the world in 1871, and in Jeung San Do, we explain that this event marked the entry of the energy of cosmic autumn into human history. That is, Sangjenim—Ruler of the Three Realms, those of heaven, earth, and humanity—descended upon this world as a human being, and at the moment He entered human history, the cosmic autumn actually began. Sangjenim established the framework of a new history in this world and soon afterward returned to heaven, on June 24, 1909, by the lunar calendar. The time that has since elapsed is regarded as the era in which humanity should undertake practical preparations for the Autumn Gaebyeok. In fact, we have been bracing for gaebyeok based upon the belief that the Autumn Gaebyeok will occur approximately a hundred years after Sangjenim ascended to heaven; by that time, all of humanity will have learned of the Autumn Gaebyeok. A hundred years after Sangjenim’s ascension—that is approximately the present time. However, the exact dates cannot be neatly fixed. As Sangjenim declared, “The work of heaven and earth shall simply remain beyond the understanding of all people until the proper time…You shall behold! The world will reveal to you the tides of change” [Dojeon 2:42:2-4].

Consider the world as it is at this very moment we are having this conversation about dao, and you may find the answer right before you. Consider the changes in nature and the weather. Avian influenza is breaking out across the world; the glaciers are continuously melting. Glaciers bigger than Seoul, some as large as the Korean Peninsula, are melting, releasing water; fish normally found in the south near Jeju Island have begun to be caught in the mid East Sea. The weather starts to sizzle as early as spring. Alaska, a cold region, has become temperate. How should we interpret such changes? Scientists explain these changes with the simple logic of global warming, but we in Jeung San Do regard these changes as signs that the cosmic season, the order of heaven and earth, is changing. What I can say for certain is that, judging by the state of the world, the Autumn Gaebyeok is imminent.

I would like to again directly pose a question: who are to survive and who are to die at the time of gaebyeok?

Sangjenim declared that if you retain even a tiny amount of stale qi uncleansed, your body would be ruined, and therefore the stale qi that you suffered under the Early Heaven’s order of sanggeuk should be rooted out completely. As to what He meant by this proclamation and who will survive the time of gaebyeok and advance into the Later Heaven’s world, I will expound upon these topics later, when I discuss seeking out and returning to the origin.