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World Society of Hwandan History and Culture International Academic Conference, Moscow

The World Society of Hwandan History and Culture aims to contribute to world peace and the development of common human prosperity by shedding new light on the history of Korea and all of humanity. By holding this international academic conference in Moscow, the society seeks to introduce its new fields of Korean studies and research achievements to the Russian academic community while boosting scholastic exchanges based on Korean history research and Korean studies in Russia. Continue reading

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Hundreds of light rays poured down

At the same time, hundreds of white and blue light rays poured down on my face. I was surrounded by resplendent light and my whole body was refreshed. Continue reading

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I gained peace after defeating evil qi under the protection of general spirits

At the corner of the sacred altar was a line of general spirits of great stature standing, looking at me and the others as if it was their duty to protect us. Continue reading

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