Ui (의 醫) means “medicine” or “salvation”, tong (통 統) means “unification.” Uitong (의통 醫統) is translated as “salvation and unification.” Literally, uitong means “salvation and unification through healing.” Uitong is the sacred work through which humanity is to be saved and united at the time of the Autumn Gaebyeok’s mysterious disease.

Sangjenim provided the only method of surviving the mysterious disease, to be used at the time of Gaebyeok. This gift is uitong (醫統), “healing and uniting.” This method of saving humanity was bestowed upon the Daedumok, the great teacher who will complete Sangjenim’s work.

Conceptually, uitong signifies two essential themes: first, enlightenment into healing ; second, the salvation and unification of the world through healing during the three-year tribulation of the mysterious disease of the Autumn Gaebyeok. Uitong, the only hope of delivering humankind at the time of the Autumn Gaebyeok, is based upon a second gift of salvation given by Sangjenim to humanity.

Sangjenim’s Cheonji Gongsa (천지공사 天地公事) ensured that His gift of uitong (의통 醫統) will be available to aid humanity at the time of our peril during the Autumn Gaebyeok.

Uitong can be explained simply as the process of bringing unity to humanity by saving people’s lives at the time of gaebyeok. Uitong is the sacred work through which humanity is to be saved and united at the time of gaebyeok’s mysterious disease. Uitong will also utterly rid the world of both its malaise, and all bitterness and grief.

Uitong was ultimately bestowed by Sangjenim upon the Daedumok, the predestined great teacher who will complete Sangjenim’s work, and who will wield uitong to save

The final conclusion of Sangjehnim’s nine-year work of renewing heaven and earth was to convey the authority of uitong. By this, the seeds of humanity are selected and it is possible to pass through to the new world. To overcome the mysterious disease and enter the Later Heaven, you must receive uitong. This is true for people all over the world.

This is the work of Jeung San Do. The purpose of Jeung San Do is to save people’s lives at the time of gaebyeok, and in doing so, make a new world.

-Words from Taesang Jongdosanim on October, 1998-