Taemo Go Subunim

Taemonim (태모님 太母님) means “Great Mother.” Title of Go Pan-rye (1880-1935), successor of Sangjenim’s Dao lineage and authority. Taemo Go Subunim is the Mother of Life for All People who is the successor of Sangjenim’s dao lineage and authority.

Sangjenim designated a female successor Taemonim (태모님太母님) who would receive His authority and continue the sowing of His great Dao to ensure that it took firm root. Sangjenim called Her Subu (수부 首婦), which signifies “the mother of all humans and spirits in heaven and earth,” “the mother who is the head of all,” and “the woman who is the consort of God. Sangjenim conferred His Dao lineage and authority upon a woman, not upon a man, because He had decreed a new destiny of equality between men and women. Civilization oppresses yin and reveres yang, leading to great bitterness and grief as women live in servitude and persecution. But women will be freed from this oppression, and their bitterness and grief will be completely resolved to usher in a new era of equal yin and yang. Such harmony of yin and yang will be the underlying order of the Later Heaven, and Taemonim is the fountainhead who will open this new world of equality.

Tae-mo-nim was born on March 26, 1880, in Dahm-yahng County, Jul-la Province. Her family name was Go and Her given name was Pahl-lyeh. On September 20, 1911, about two years after the ascension of Sangjenim, Taemonim attained ultimate enlightenment and thus received Sangjenim ’s spiritual authority.

She gathered Sangjenim’s disciples, established Her order, and began to dictate the destiny of human affairs as She carried out Sangjenim’s work. Like Sangjenim, Taemonim exercised boundless power, conducted numerous miracles, cured diseases, and revived the dead.

Beginning in 1926, Taemonim, God the Mother, conducted Her ten-year work of renewing heaven and earth, which was one year longer than Sangjenim’s work of renewal. Her work began with the Seven Stars Program, which would bring forward the young people who would fulfill Sangjenim’s great Dao. Taemonim’s work of renewal ensured that Sangjenim’s great Dao was firmly rooted in history. As a female spiritual leader in Korea’s male-centered Confucian society, Taemonim faced continuous opposition; but She persevered with an iron will against all obstacles, succeeding in establishing an organized movement to disseminate Sangjenim’s great Dao. After fulfilling Her role as Dao successor, Taemonim, the Mother of the New Humanity, ascended to heaven on October 6, 1935, to rejoin Sangjenim.

The formal title of Go Pan-rye (1880–1935), whose abbreviated titles are Subunim (‘The Woman Who Is the Head of Humans and Spirits’ or ‘The Consort of God’) or Taemonim (“Great Mother”). Subunim was the successor of Sangjenim’s dao lineage and authority. After Sangjenim’s return to heaven, Subunim attained ultimate enlightenment and assumed the dao lineage and authority to continue His holy work. She then founded the first movement to spread Sangjenim’s dao. Jeung San Do practitioners revere Sangjenim as God the Father and Taemonim as God the Mother. See also “Subunim” and “Taemonim.”

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