Samsin Sangje

The Supreme Spirit among all the spirits who fill heaven and earth was known as ‘Samsin Sangjenim’ (synonymous with ‘Samsin God’ or ‘Sangjenim’) by ancient Korean people. Samsin Sangjenim rules over the Primordial God, Samsin, and thus reigns over all existence in the universe.

Based on the Creator Samsin (the Spirit of Creation-Transformation, Edification and Governance) that generates and changes all, Samsin’s Sangjenim is the governor of utmost divinity, ruling not only the world of humans, but all things of the universe. There is an intangible primordial God, namely Samsin (삼신三神) as a Creator of this entire universe, but the true nature of Samsin and Its truth could be fully unveiled only by the One Sangjenim (상제 上帝), Ruler of the Universe. In order to understand Samsin, we should properly recognize the One Sangjenim, God the Ruler, who actually uses the full power of Samsin’s creation-transformation.

Only through Sangjenim could the secrets of Samsin be fully revealed who actually resides on the bottom of this universal life. By depending on Sangjenim, the master of the truth, we could perceive the root of the truth.

This universe and humanity keep their changes and transformations all together based on the Samsin’s principle of Creation-Transformation, but in the core foundation resides the One Sangjenim and under His control, everything happens and be accomplished.