Jeung San Do

Jeung-San (증산 甑山) is the honorific Dao name that Sangjenim adopted and Do (도 道) means Dao. Jeung San do is a name of the supreme Dao of Jeung-San Sangjenim. Jeung San do and is the spiritual organization that spreads this Dao.

Jeung San Do (“Dao of Jeung-san”) is the name of both the teachings of Jeung-san Sangjenim and the organization that spreads His teachings throughout the world. Jeung San Do is the dao of Jeung-san Sangjenim, the true Lord of Heaven who incarnated into this world as a human. It is also the organization that works on behalf of heaven and earth.

The purpose of Jeung San Do is to save people’s lives at the time of gaebyeok, and in doing so, make a new world. Jeung San Do has come forth to inform people about what kind of civilization would be built in the next world of autumn civilization. It is called as the Gaebyeoked (greatly opened) civilization of the Later Heaven.

Jeung San Do presents a way – a pathway – that leads into the united and universal civilization. Jeung San Do is a new daily life cultural practice. Because Jeung San Do, Sangjenim’s culture of autumn, embrace all areas of human life to and guide us to a new
way, it cannot be labeled a religion. Jeung San Do is not a religion. Jeung San Do is the Dao of Mugeuk.


What is the core essence of “the teachings of Jeung San Do (증산도 甑山道)”? 

Jeung San Do (증산도 甑山道) presents a solution through which we can solve all present problems in a systematic way. The teachings of Jeung San Do (증산도 甑山道) are based on the principle of the universe. By understanding the basic principle of the universe we can understand the coming new century, the new beginning world of Gaebyeok. Jeung San Do (증산도 甑山道) is a way of understanding all these matters. In order for us to receive such a new world, there is the importance of Taeeulju meditation.

– Jongdosanim’s lecture to America on April 8, 1996-


Jeung San Do preserves the prototype of singyo (신교 神敎) that Korean have practiced for more than 9000 years. Singyo (신교 神敎) has its basis in holding memorial rites offered to Samsin Sangjenim, spirits of heaven and earth, and ancestral spirits. Grand ritual of Jeung San Do is offered to Sangjenim, Taemonim, and other heavenly spirits.

Dao is the principle of nature itself; dao is the principle of the universe. Jeung San Do’s teachings are based on the principle of nature. Because the truth of Jeung-san Sangjenim is dao, we call it Jeung San Do. Jeung San Do is the principle of nature, and the principle of nature is Jeung San Do.

-Words from Taesang Jongdosanim on October, 1998-


Jeung San Do will end the problems that existed throughout the Early Heaven’s history and open the new world. Briefly, in other words, Jeung San Do is the bridge of life that
connects the world of the cosmic spring and summer to the world of the cosmic autumn and winter. It is this bridge of life that will open the new world after gaebyeok.

-Words from Taesang Jongdosanim on April 25, 2004-


Sangjenim’s holy work is the selection of the fruit of humanity, the seeds of humanity, cultivated by heaven and earth during the cosmic year of 129,600 years. It is the work of reaping the fruit of heaven and earth. Jeung San Do is the body that acts on behalf of heaven and earth. Jeung San Do is the fruit of heaven and earth-the vessel containing
heaven and earth.

-Words from Taesang Jongdosanim-


Jeung San Do is a Dao rooted in the teachings and spiritual work of Jeung-San Sangjenim and Taemonim, “great Mother.” According to Jeung San Do philosophy, Shangdi in Confucianism, the Jade Emperor in Daoism, Meitreya in Buddhism, and God in the West are one and the same, and Jeung-san Sangjenim was the embodiment of the entity.

The sacred teachings, born in Korea, create the pulse of a new beginning for the whole world. It is the awakening to our ancient past and our present moment that allows us to build a bridge to a future where humanity unites globally and bears witness to our true nature of universal oneness.

Today, Jeung San Do has numerous dojangs (or spiritual centers) in Korea and around the world, led by the teachings and guidance of TaeJongdosanim and Jongdosanim.

– His Holiness the Jongjeongnim from Gaebyeok Magazine 1 –


Jeung San do is a truth which aims to save people by spreading across the world the supreme Dao of Gang Jeung-san Sangjenim, who incarnated as a human at this time of the age of the Autumn Gaebyeok.

The cosmic season is giving way to autumn. The Autumn Gabyeok is coming. At the time of Autumn Gaebyok, when all are faced with inevitable death, what must be done to save
others and oneself? This is the core message of Jeung San Do’s teachings, which are uniquely different from all the religions and philosophies of the past. Therefore, Jeung San Do can be considered ‘a truth that transcends religion.’

– His Holiness the Jongjeongnim from Gaebyeok Magazine 2 –


Jeung San do is the boundless Dao of the Later Heaven Gaebyeok. The supreme Dao of Mugeuk which opens the new universe of the Cosmic Autumn. Jeung San do is not a religion but the supreme Dao of mugeuk. Jeung San do is the daily culture of the boundless Dao.

Because this Dao of Sanjenim, Sangjenim’s culture of autumn, embrace all areas of human life to and guide us to a new way, it cannot be labeled a religion. This Dao in another word is the Dao of the great gaebyeok of the later heaven. As in Taemonim’s words, ‘From old heaven and earth’s mutual conflict to new heaven and earth mutual life giving.’ The great Dao of gaebyeok which turns the boundaries of the heaven and earth. The Dao of gaebyeok.

The Tonghak millenarian dream also developed into another religious organization, Jeung San Do. Jeung San do is now much more popular than Tonghak in Korea and has proved attractive to the younger generation, both in Korea and the rest of the world. Since 1973 Jeung San do has focused its educational work on Korean college students. The majority of members are well educated and their average age is between 20 and 40.

Jeung San do has approximately 100,000 members in South Korea, and there are branches in the US, Great Britain, and elsewhere in the world. The movement is focused upon the teachings of Kang Jeungsan, who is considered to be God from eaven, He was
born in 1871 in Gaengmang-ri, in South Korea, and he left this world in 1909.

According to Jeung San do Sangje, the Jade emperor, Maitreya in the East, and God in the West are one and the same, and Kang Jeungsan was the embodiment of this entity.

– Asian Millenarianism by Hong Beom Rhee –