Jeon Myeong-suk

1854–1895. Though he is well-known by the name Jeon Bong-jun (전봉준 全琫準), the Dojeon refers to him by his birth name, Myeong-suk, in deference to Sangjenim’s usage of this historical figure’s birth name, e.g., “Jeon Myeong-suk is truly peerless among all illustrious generals” (Sangjenim, 5:254:5). Jeon Myeong-suk was the principal leader of the Eastern Learning Revolution in 1894, an armed uprising intended to remove corrupt government officials and social inequality. When this revolutionary movement was suppressed, Jeon Myeong-suk was executed by the government on April 23, 1895. See “Eastern Learning” “Eastern Learning Revolution.”