Gim Gyeong-su

A Korean seeker who lived in the Hampyeong County of Jeolla-do Province in the nineteenth century. He meditated for fifty years with a mantra renowned for driving away disease and evil spirits: Hoom-ri-chi-ya-do-rae Hoom-ri-ham-ri-sa-pa-ha. The use of this mantra aided his awakening, until he received a spiritual revelation that he should add Tae-eul-cheon Sang-won-gun to the beginning of the mantra. Later, he offered the resulting mantra—namely, the Taeeulju Mantra—to Sangjenim (see 1:34), who added hoom-chi hoom-chi to the mantra’s head, hence bringing the mantra to completion. Sangjenim revealed that at the time of the Autumn Gaebyeok, “The world’s people shall be delivered by the Taeeulju Mantra…” (8:55:6).