Autumn Gaebyeok

The epochal transformation that begins the cosmic autumn. Also called the ‘Later Heaven Gaebyeok,’ since this transformation also marks the beginning of the Later Heaven.

When you study cosmology of Jeung San Do, you will discover that we live at the transitional juncture between the cosmic summer and the cosmic autumn. This transitional juncture can be compared to a stage in the cultivation of plants and trees.

After spring gives life, summer nurtures it, and then autumn brings a harvest of seeds in preparation for the next year as the earth’s plants and trees experience gaebyeok at the release of the autumn frost by heaven and earth.

In a similar process, humans will also experience gaebyeok, a time when the seeds of humanity will be selected.

-Words from Taesang Jongdosanim on April 25, 2004-