Healing Experiences of Dynamic Meditation in JeungSanDo

On the morning of the fourth day, I started meditating, despite feeling tired. As the meditation went on, I felt massive qi combining intensively around my crown chakra and my third-eye chakra. I came to think that the qi that I had received during the sessions had densely accumulated and settled down completely. Continue reading

I felt a pillar of qi penetrating through my head from the crown chakra on the top of my head. Blockages in acupuncture points in the back of my head were cleared and then the itch of hundreds of tiny crawling ants came over my face. Continue reading

At the same time, hundreds of white and blue light rays poured down on my face. I was surrounded by resplendent light and my whole body was refreshed. Continue reading

At the corner of the sacred altar was a line of general spirits of great stature standing, looking at me and the others as if it was their duty to protect us. Continue reading

AAs soon as I started dynamic meditation, my hands got very hot. A lady in a jade-colored skirt, my mother presumably, appeared and raised my hands to get me to get up.

So, as I was practicing dynamic meditation, a big white crane suddenly flew to me and spread its wings, which were amazingly big. The crane pecked out a hard lump in my neck. The lump had started out small, but had grown bigger and bigger until it was the size of a chestnut, which had made me quite worried. I had had a similar experience recently. At the Taeeulgung Palace during the dynamic meditation during the last Grand Cheonjae, a crane came to me and pecked out my lump. Thanks to the crane, the chestnut-sized lump shrunk to the size of a bean. Continue reading

I held the image of His Holiness the Jongdosanim in my mind as we began dynamic meditation while chanting jee-gee-geum-ji-wun-we-dae-gang along with Jongdosanim. Right when we started chanting the mantras I saw an orange-colored shape of a human. Then when we were doing the taeulju mantra dynamic meditation, a huge hole appeared in front of where Jongdosamin was sitting, and golden energy streamed out from it. Also, I was doing dynamic mediation with my face to the sky and the back of my head to the floor. Then an energy in the form of a golden fog on the floor spread wide and above my hips. Continue reading

On the night of Saturday, the 29th of August, my four-year-old son got a high fever. The next day on Sunday, I left the sick child and went to the Il-san Ma-du dojang where my sister was offering an ancestral requital chiseong . When I returned home on Monday after work and saw my son’s condition my heart broke. Even if he took medicine, he was not feeling any better and it seemed like he had pain in his throat because he couldn’t talk, as if he became deaf, and he was having a hard time breathing. Continue reading

I devoted my life to the Christian church for forty-five years until I became an elder.
One day, I happened to encounter a book in the library called “This is Gaebyeok.” At that time, I had a lot of doubts about my religion so I visited the Dojang and I was then initiated in 2010. Today, I want to share with you the good news about what I experienced after Cheondosik. Continue reading

I experienced this blessing during my 4 days of intensive meditation at the Taeeulgung palace in January with Jeung San Do’s staffs from all over the country. After offering the opening chiseong, I felt the qi of fire entering my dantian chakra as I was meditating through the Unjangju Mantra. Continue reading

I attended the no-sleep, four-day intensive meditation after the all-staff meeting report held in January. At the very beginning of meditation on the first day of the session, the idea that number 16 was going to change into the number 17 came across my mind. Through this change, I suddenly made up my mind to become a frank and open person. Continue reading