Great Renewal Mantra The Gaebyeokju Mantra invokes commanding spirits and warrior spirits of heaven and earth for power and protection at the time of gaebyeok. Cheon-sang-ok-gyeong-cheon-jon-sin-jang Cheon-sang-ok-gyeong-tae-eul-sin-jang Sang-ha-byeon-guk-nwoe-seong-byeong-nyeok-jang-gun Baeng-ma-won-su-dae-jang-gun Nwoe-seong-byeo-rak-jang-gun Ak-gwi-jap-gwi-geum-nan-jang-gun Sam-su-sam-gye-do-won-su Ji-sin-byeong-nyeok-dae-jang-gun Cheon-ji-jowa-pung-un-sin-jang Ta-geuk-du-pa-pal-mun-sin-jang Yuk-jeong-yuk-gap-dun-gap-sin-jang Sam-tae-chil-seong-je-dae-sim-jang I-sip-pal-su-je-wi-sin-jang Gam-a-mi-seong    … Continue reading

True Dharma Mantra The Jinbeopju Mantra invokes spirits throughout the nine heavens, including monarch, messenger, guardian, and ancestral spirits, all of which are directly related with human affairs. Spirits are called upon to fulfill wishes and reveal hidden insights. Gu-cheon-ha-gam-ji-wi … Continue reading

Seven Stars Mantra The Chilseonggyeong Mantra calls forth the presiding astral monarchs of the Big Dipper, entreating them to bestow us with the great qi of the universe and bless us with health and eternal life. Chil-seong-yeo-rae      Dae-je-gun Buk-du-gu-jin … Continue reading

Rebirth Mantra The Gaengsaengju Mantra calls for the rebirth of the three realms, heaven, earth, humanity, and enlightens us to the principle by which people reach the state of human nobility. Cheon-gaeng-saeng    Ji-gaeng-saeng     In-gaeng-saeng Gaeng-saeng     Gaeng-saeng     Gaeng-saeng … Continue reading

Twenty-four Seasons Mantra The Jeolhuju Mantra allows the practitioner to reach maturity by knowing the seasons and harmonizing with the natural cycle of the universe: birth, growth, harvest and rest Dong-ji         So-han         Dae-han       Ip-chun U-su          Gyeong-chip … Continue reading

The Unjangju Mantra invokes General Guan Yu (Gwan Unjang), leader of all warrior spirits in heaven and earth, and calls forth the great generals of the eight directions. It endows us with strength and courage, and provides protection from harmful … Continue reading

Five Mantra or Essence Mantra The Jinaekju(Oju) Mantra is a compilation of five mantras that allows us to receive auspicious qi from the universe, the nectar of heaven and earth. With grace it brings us to a state of all-knowing. … Continue reading

The Taeeulju Mantra calls out to the original ancestor (womb, origin) of all beings in heaven and earth to become one with the great sea of life in the universe. It enlightens us to the realm of spirits and heals disease. … Continue reading