Dao Talk Ⅱ

Confronted with such enormous disasters, what can humans accomplish even if they do become masters of their own destiny and brave a path through these calamities? If you focus solely upon humanity’s present predicament—upon the approaching problems—you may become pessimistic. … Continue reading

If it is nature’s providence that the cosmic seasons change, bringing the Autumn Gaebyeok, then is it not true that there is little human beings can do? Is it not the case that people should simply remain passive, entrusting themselves … Continue reading

As a person who knows little about Jeung San Do, I would like to ask you directly: exactly when will gaebyeok take place? When will gaebyeok occur? I am certain that the answer to this question is one which people … Continue reading

How does gaebyeok differ from eschatology? People tend to fixate too much upon the fact that all will die at the time of gaebyeok. Strictly speaking, this is just a minor element of gaebyeok. It is not desirable to focus … Continue reading

What is this gaebyeok, which shall transform the order of the Early Heaven’s world into that of the Later Heaven? That is indeed Jeung-san Sangjenim’s view of gaebyeok. Briefly expressed, gaebyeok signifies the disassembly of the order of heaven and … Continue reading

First, what is the Early Heaven Gaebyeok? [Within the context of a cosmic year,] the Early Heaven Gaebyeok occurs at the beginning of the cosmic spring. In the Early Heaven Gaebyeok, heaven and earth are violently shaken, giving birth to … Continue reading

This is part 2 of ‘Dao Talk,’ which was first published in July 2009. Will humanity naturally cross from the Early Heaven into the world of the Later Heaven in accordance with the principle of heaven and earth’s cycle? That … Continue reading