Dao Talk Ⅰ

What are some specific characteristics of the Later Heaven under the transformed order of sangsaeng? A great many things will change, and as a result, the Later Heaven’s world will possess new and varied characteristics. First of all, the order … Continue reading

You mentioned earlier the Early Heaven and the Later Heaven. How are they related to the cycle of the universe? This theory of the Early Heaven and the Later Heaven is central to Jeung San Do’s teachings. Recently, people who … Continue reading

Why does the universe observe the cycle of four seasons? The universe does not blindly follow a cycle; it has a definite purpose. This purpose is the cultivation of people. Consider a calendar year. What sort of changes occur on … Continue reading

What do you mean, specifically, when you say that the universe undergoes a cycle of change? The universe, or heaven and earth, undergoes change during the cycle of four seasons. Just as time observes the cycle of spring, summer, autumn, … Continue reading

Having listened to you, I feel that perhaps it’s fitting to expand our discussion to talk about nature and heaven and earth, to create a clearer understanding of Jeung San Do. In Jeung San Do, the term ‘heaven and earth’ … Continue reading

The name Jeung San Do is now widely known to the public [throughout Korea]. Yet, there are still many who have no idea what Jeung San Do seeks to announce to the world. What is the message that Jeung San … Continue reading

Dao Talk with His Holiness the Jongdosanim of Jeung San Do by Gim Yeong Hyeon Jeung San Do Is a Vast Vessel The siru is the very symbol of Jeung San Do’s truth. Ahn Gyeong-jeon Jongdosanim started his dao talk with this … Continue reading