Healing Experiences of Dynamic Meditation in JeungSanDo

During the first session of dynamic meditation, tapping the posterior side of my head for a long time brought me fatigue. I really wanted to stop but my hands were raised and kept on tapping the same place automatically. Suddenly the pain went away. Continue reading

While practicing dynamic meditation, I felt a divine qi entering the Baihui acupuncture point at the vertex.
That night I had a feeling that my ears would be healed. The next morning I noticed that the pain was gone and everything became normal.
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I have been suffering from severe rheumatic arthritis. My toes are all out of joint and deformed.
While I was in meditation, the spirit of His Holiness the Jongdosanim appeared before me. I saw Him with a halo of three colors : red, blue and yellow. A few minutes later, the color of the halo slowly turned white. Continue reading

Every time He chanted the mantra strongly, my heart became hot and unconsciously I was tapping where I felt pain. When I felt a blocked path of qi, I attempted to pluck the malicious qi out while waving my hands. When I felt energy descending from heaven, I sought to bring the energy into my body. Continue reading

I was concentrating well this time. I tapped my body with my hands, especially my chest. When I got home, I found some bruises. However, when I tapped my body, I didn’t feel pain. Instead, I felt cool. Continue reading

I felt the qi that had enormously accumulated at the edge of the Shindan(altar). When His Holiness the Jongdosanim heightened the dynamic meditation movement, I gathered the qi from the front, then passed it onto the back. Continue reading

I couldn’t practice dynamic meditation properly last time in Jungang Dojang because I was too shy. But this time I did it well with courage after watching the practice of His Holiness the Jongdosanim.
After the dynamic meditation, the affected area has been completely cured. The joint wasn’t good but mysteriously, it doesn’t hurt anymore. It is really amazing.
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I have herniated discs on my neck and waist for a long time. Although it did not affect the way I live, I suffer occasional pains.

A year ago, the disc on my waist suddenly burst out and I was hospitalized for a month to undergo traction therapy. I wanted to return to work as soon as possible so the doctor injected a long, thin needle into my waist to detach the disc pressing against my nerves. It helps me recover and I was able to return to work. Continue reading

Four years ago, I was struck by a high-voltage current while on a 7-meter-high telegraph pole and fell down to the ground. The 3rd lumbar vertebra and 8 other bones around my cervical spine were severely fractured and damaged my spinal cord. Continue reading

Sim: I was in a car accident on July 17, leading to twelve weeks of hospital treatment. But I still haven’t fully recovered, so I returned to the hospital for additional treatments. I couldn’t come to Taeeulgung Palace yesterday, so I instead performed my dynamic meditation at the Eumseong Dojang. Before, I couldn’t even turn my head enough to look at a person immediately next to me, but yesterday, while I was practicing dynamic meditation, I noticed that I could now turn my head. Today, I was able to move it around even better than yesterday. Continue reading