This term has many dimensions, and its meaning within the Dojeon alters with context. First, Immortalism is the practice of gaining bodily or spiritual immortality, consistent with the teachings of Daoism and of traditional practices endemic to Korea.

Second, Immortalism may signify Daoism in general (i.e., the traditional listing of the three main Eastern teachings, “Confucianism, Buddhism, and Daoism,” may also be expressed as “Confucianism, Buddhism, and Immortalism”).

Third, Immortalism is the immortality possessed by a spiritual being (e.g., an ‘immortal being’ is an undying transcendent spirit, whose state of immortal existence has been achieved through selfless service to humanity during its mortal lifetime).

Fourth, Immortalism is a state of ageless longevity and oneness with the universe and the spirits, a state in which all of humanity shall exist in the era of the Later Heaven’s Paradise of Immortality.

Fifth, Immortalism is synonymous with the Supreme Dao of Mugeuk, the dao bestowed upon the world by Jeung-san Sangjenim; this dao will integrate the essence of all cultures and teachings to bring forth the Later Heaven’s civilization of fruition, maturation, and unification.