Do (도 道) means “Dao” and un (운 運) means “destiny” or “affairs.” Doun (도운 道運) is translated as “Dao affairs.”

One of the two principal currents of Sangjenim’s Cheonjigongsa (“Work of Renewing Heaven and Earth”), the destiny of the dao is a grand process in which Sangjenim’s supreme dao becomes rooted in humanity’s history. The destiny of the dao entails, in particular, the advent of His ilkkun who would succeed His work and bring it to completion by saving and uniting humanity during the Autumn Gaebyeok and afterward building the Later Heaven’s Paradise of Immortality on earth.

Sangjenim highly esteemed the willpower and courage of the spirits of failed revolutionaries who died trying to bring justice to the world. Sangjenim made them the foundation of world Dao affairs so that they could participate in the work of ushering in a new civilization.

The bitterness and grief of the spirits of failed revolutionaries was resolved by applying them to the world’s religions. By doing so, Sangjenim devised a program for the emergence of His ilggun and their leaders who will save humanity during the Autumn Gaebyeok and build the Later Heaven’s world of immortality. This is the work of renewal for Dao affairs.