Do, “degree”; su, “number.” In numerology, the term dosu represents the order of change concerning heaven, earth, and humanity. It also describes plans or milestones Sangjenim or Taemonim set in place to guide the course of history leading to the Autumn Gaebyeok and into the Later Heaven. Depending on the context, the term dosu is translated as “course,” “order,” “the way things will unfold,” or “proper time.”

The world in which we live could not have been saved by any means if Sangjenim, the Supreme Governor of the Universe, had not come to the world Himself to alter its course with a new framework. It is for this very purpose that Sangjenim came to this world, disassembled and reconstructed heaven and earth, and firmly and seamlessly wove together dosu.

Without the supreme authority of God—without the might of God—how could heaven and earth possibly be disassembled and reconstructed? Never before, during all the time since heaven and earth first came into being, had the expression ‘Cheonji-gongsa’ even existed.

It was Sangjenim who first proclaimed, “I am undertaking Cheonji-gongsa.”

“Birth in Spring, Death in Autumn”written by Taesang Jongdosanim