Do (도 道) means “Dao” and gong (공 功) means “meritorious deed” or “merits.” Dogong  is translated as “Dynamic Meditation” or “Spiritual Energy Dancing.” Dogong , so called “a spiritual energy dancing” in the west, is a Dynamic meditation given by Sangjenim Himself. If the Taeulju mantra meditation is meditation in stillness, then the Dogong is the meditation in motion.

Dogong, in its foundation, focuses on circulation of energy within the body. As one move the body one receives down the energy of the heaven, earth, sun, and moon, and also transmitting down the holy spirit of heaven.

By the grace of Dogong, I can heal my body and soul, gain authority of heaven and earth of the spiritual realm, and attain the ability of spiritual healing. Babara Hand Clow, in her book 『hand of light』, stated that the origin of healing is a human instinct.

For example, you instinctively move your hand to the area of pain and say “Oh, why am I hurting here?” When people are in pain, unconsciously without even themselves knowing, their hands touch or tap where the pain is. They themselves are looking for the location of pain, and healing themselves through touch.

These kinds of dynamic meditation healing has been done biologically and instinctively from ancient times. Dogong meditation is a tradition of all ages and countries. We have national exercise, stretching, healthy exercise, qigong or yoga of each cultural organizations can all be a form of dynamic meditation.

But the Dogong, Jeung San Do’s Dynamic Meditation, is not such a simple body work or such a workout. It is a practice of receiving the holy spirit of creation and transformation of heaven above.

If we look into the holy words in Jeung San Do Dojeon, Sahngjenim revealed that “the Dogong is the practice of jusin (주신 呪神).” ‘Ju (呪)’ means mantra or prayer and sin (신 神) means spirit. It is a practice of Praying to the Holy spirit of creation and transformation of heaven and earth, and receiving the spirit of creation and transformation.

Dogong is a body movements which enables us to experience the spiritual realm and to receive the holy spirit. Dogong meditation enables you to attain the breath of life from the natural spirit, to experience each and every Ancestral spirits, and in the end leads you to become one with the universe. Through the practice of the Dogong we receive the grace of life where our illnesses, big or small, are cured of. Also, we can even experience the guardian spirits who is in charge of protect us and breathing the truth and witness the General Spirits of the heaven above. But this is not all.

When Sangjenim was performing the work of renewing heaven and earth, after finishing the Dogong practice which receives the holy spirit of creation and transformation of heaven and earth, said to the disciples; “you all must perform
the practice of giving life.” The ultimate purpose of Jeung San Do’s Dogong practice is to save as many humans as possible during the time of Gaebyeok.

▍ Method

The cultivation of Dogong must be done purely with 100% faith. During the process of Dogong meditation, if the practitioner has doubt left in his heart and is conscious of his surroundings, energy can not be opened greatly. But if anyone engages in the Dogong meditation with sincere heart, they will feel the energy coming down from the heavens. Thankfully, it’s possible for anyone to receive this energy.

When practicing the Dogong, one must take out all of one’s thoughts and set his/her mind to comply with the principles of nature. To cultivate the mind and to receive the energy of heaven and earth, one must reach the state of non-self. It is a state where “I” does not exist. The way to do the Dogong Meditation is to get rid of thoughts of good or evil. Let go of all the personal desires and become the very soul of the truth and guardian of Jeung San Do. Practice the Dogong earnestly and do not think of good or evil. Do not think what is good or wrong but let nature lead you. (Ahn Un-San, His Holiness The Taesang Jongdosanim)

The first thing to have in mind when doing the Dogong, you must be immersed in it. It must be natural and done constantly. All meditation, in other words meditation in stillness and meditation in motion, are going from a person’s conscious effort to a non-effort. In the beginning you’re shaking your hand according to your will, and then giving yourself up to nature according to how your body wants.

According to the functions of the five organs and six entailments, when people have exceeding heat in your heart or feel heavy in the liver, their actions and body movements become more fierce. This is due to their bodily conditions. (Ahn Gyung Jeon, His Holiness The Jongdosanim)