Experiences of Meditation

Gim Seong-wol, Age 52, Daegu Duryu Dojang, Experienced on Oct, 2010  I visited Taeeulgung Palace a couple of years ago to practice dynamic meditation. Days before that occasion, I had injured my arm while riding a bicycle and could not … Continue reading

Bae Hyeon-u, Age 22, Daegu Daemyeong Dojang, Experienced in Oct 2010 I have rarely been enthusiastic about practicing dynamic meditation. Usually, I would just shake my body in imitation of the other people at my dojang. But today, unlike before, I … Continue reading

Han Jeong-min, Age 20, Taejeon Yongjeon Dojang, Experienced in Oct 2010  I have been following the Jeung San Do teachings for some years, yet this is the first time that I have practiced dynamic meditation at Taeeulgung Palace. Whenever I … Continue reading

Sim: I was in a car accident on July 17, leading to twelve weeks of hospital treatment. But I still haven’t fully recovered, so I returned to the hospital for additional treatments. I couldn’t come to Taeeulgung Palace yesterday, so I instead performed my dynamic meditation at the Eumseong Dojang. Before, I couldn’t even turn my head enough to look at a person immediately next to me, but yesterday, while I was practicing dynamic meditation, I noticed that I could now turn my head. Today, I was able to move it around even better than yesterday. Continue reading